OSN 2010

Akhirnya, Olimpiade Sains Nasional 2010 dimulai besok! Kalau tiga tahun lalu saya datang sebagai peserta, tahun ini saya ikut di kontingen OSN sebagai fasilitator / pelatih tim Informatika DKI Jakarta. Kalau koneksi internet memungkinkan, saya akan blogging daily di post ini tentang day-to-day OSN tahun ini, khususnya tentang OSN Informatika, dan mungkin akan livetweet (follow @angelinavj) juga.

Downloads :
Daftar Gold Medalist + Nilai
Daftar Silver Medalist + Nilai
Daftar Bronze Medalist + Nilai
Daftar Perolehan Medali per provinsi

===watch this space for updates===

Pelatihan Pra-OSN (DKI)

08/01 > Arrival

08/02 > Opening Ceremony, Practice Contest

08/03 > Contest Day 1

08/04 > Contest Day 2

08/05 > Excursion

08/06 > Medal Awarding



Souvenirs from the IOI

When I was a tenth grader, a senior said : “Olympiad : two days of headache and five days of holiday!” He’s right. Nervousness of medal allocation aside, the last days of Olympiad is just that : talking with people, taking pictures and exchanging stuff. Souvenir exchange in Zhautykov is much more… extensive than the IOI: we (led by an enthusiastic team leader) literally knocked at almost everyone’s room. Stuff exchange is fun; a friend once gave 5000 rupiahs as a souvenir to a Kazakh who freaked out without realizing that it’s only half a dollar. LOL poor us Indonesians.

so, in this post I’ll share some pictures of the IOI souvenirs I got 🙂

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Pontianak : A View at Indonesian Tourism

So, I just came back from Pontianak, the capital of West Borneo, after three-day visit. my brother’s friend was getting married in the city, and my family tagged along as we’d never been there. I saw some tourism spots in the area: the Equator Monument (Tugu Khatulistiwa), Keraton Kadriah (historical palace) and the Aloe Vera preservation. I was a bit struck with the treatments given to these sites. the whole thing was just so unprofessional. here are some photos 🙂

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