Pengumuman OSP 2010

Berikut pengumuman peserta yang lolos OSP 2010, untuk bertanding di OSN 2010 Medan (sumber : :

Buat yang belum lolos jangan kecewa dan kecil hati, terus belajar ya 😉 Buat yang lolos, selamat belajar lagi untuk tantangan lebih besar di OSN nanti! Go get gold 🙂


Hello world!

hey all,

I’m back blogging! Some of you probably noticed the discrepancy in the blog address, compared to my usual screenname, lennie2nd. That’s because, I’ve deleted my about a year ago, forgetting that I couldn’t retrieve the address. reckless me 😦

I’ve considered to create a blogspot account with lennie2nd, yet I HATE blogspot. then I considered to use different name for this wordpress and we (with my pal Risan) came up with stupid names like nerdalicious, nerdasaurus rex and other entries in Urban Dictionary that start with ‘nerd’ prefix 😛 *heee I’m rambling*

well anyway, I’ll try to write regularly in this blog, perhaps once or twice a month, so feel free to add this to your Google Reader or its friends. 😀